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We manufacture barrels for a number of different weapons. Our barrel blanks come exclusively from Green Mountain, an American company known for their excellent quality and accuracy. The outside diameter configuration is CNC turned to exacting tolerances and the chambering is accomplished individually on a manual lathe to assure a perfect fit for the cartridge it is designed for. Most of our chambering reamers are made by Clymer but we also use Manson for some of our special order reamers like the 7.62 x 25 Tokarev.

Sterling Mk4 and Mk7 Barrels
We offer exact reproduction Sterling Mk4 barrels and Mk7 barrels in three different lengths for those of you who are building weapons from parts kits or wish to replace your worn factory barrel.
Visit our Sterling Barrel page for details.

PPS-43 Barrels
We will soon have PPS-43 barrels in both the original 9.875" and 16.25" lengths. These will be available in both 7.62 Tokarev and 9mm chamberings! Currently they are still in process so bookmark this page and check back or sign up for our newsletter if you want one. There will be limited quantities on the first run although we plan to dedicate more blanks to these barrels when we place our next material order.

Custom M11 9mm Carbine Barrels
These barrels are of a special design for use with our TAC-11 carbine. Since that product is still in process, we won't elaborate at this point.

More Coming Soon
We plan to offer barrels for other weapons in the near future. These will typically be unique, hard to find barrels that we feel there is a demand for in the home builder market.