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AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tubes
We offer two different types of pistol buffer tubes for your AR-15 pistol build. Both are extremely durable and it really comes down to personal preference. We also offer a crenellated butt cap that will fit either model and foam covers.

AR-15 Pistol buffer tube w/o gusset, Model PB01
This AR-15 pistol buffer tube is a simple, robust solution to equipping your AR-15 pistol economically without sacrificing quality. It is CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum, hard coat black anodized and designed for use with any standard end plate.

PB01 AR-15 buffer tube
Model PB01
  • Simple
  • Robust
  • Economical
  • Uses standard end plate

Some buffer tubes on the market require that you modify the lower receiver by tapping the detent spring hole and inserting a small, socket set screw to retain the spring. In addition to that, those buffer tubes will not allow you to use an end plate of any type so your sling attach points are very limited. A final drawback is that they leave the end of your lower receiver exposed and since it is aluminum, it is much more likely to take damage than a steel end plate would.

With our buffer tube you simply choose the end plate you want to use and assemble it like you would any other lower. This allows you to keep your original end plate or replace it with one that has single or ambidextrous type sling attachment loops like the one shown in the pictures below.

PB01 AR-15 buffer tube PB01 AR-15 buffer tube

This buffer tube will also accept our Striker crenellated butt cap as shown in the above pictures, it is sold separately as an option.

AR-15 Pistol buffer tube with gusset, Model PB02
Our premium AR-15 buffer tube does not require an end plate. It has a machined gusset that replaces the plate, adds strength to the entire assembly, eliminates the risk of the threads backing out and provides a right or left hand sling attach point.

PB02 AR-15 buffer tube
Model PB02
  • Adds strength
  • Eliminates the possibility of the threads coming loose
  • Provides a right or left hand sling attach point
  • Does not require an endplate

CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum and hard coat black anodized, this buffer tube is the ultimate rear end for your AR-15 pistol. This AR-15 buffer tube comes with an Uncle Mikes sling swivel mount and screw to block the hole not being used.

PB02 AR-15 buffer tube PB02 AR-15 buffer tube

This buffer tube will also accept our Striker crenellated butt cap, sold separately as an option.

Striker crenellated butt cap, Model PB03
Let's hope you are never faced with the situation of using the butt end of your pistol as a weapon. However, should the need arise, our Striker butt cap would definitely leave an impression on an aggressor... literally!

PB03 Striker end cap PB03 Striker end cap

This crenellated butt cap is designed to replace the standard butt cap on both of our AR-15 Pistol buffer tubes. It is CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum and has a hard coat, black anodized finish. Add the final touch to your AR-15 pistol and make the butt end nearly as lethal as the front!